30 Bags and Counting

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Morah and I have a lot of leaves. Below is a before-and-after picture of our backyard last weekend.

Our backyard: before and after

We filled 15 bags. Last night, we raked the front yard and filled about 10 more. A few weeks ago, Mike and I filled probably about 5 or 6. This evening, Morah and I raked the backyard again and filled 9 bags.

Like I said, we have a lot of leaves.

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  1. dad

    Too bad there’s not a big market for leaves.

  2. I look forward to helping you again, only to have our work be for naught about an hour after we’re done.

  3. When I had a house in Spokane (the E. Broadway house, if you’ve been; ridiculously big back yard, tons of trees), the neighbor kids came over and offered to rake the leaves for money. Then I had a bunches of bags of leaves. :-/ Then a guy pulls up with a truck and asks if he can have the leaves (to keep his rosebeds insulated or something), and takes them off my hands.

    Amount paid to the neighbor kids: $10.

    Amount of work done by me: Zero.

    Totally worth it.

  4. Good idea Phoenix!

    Thomas, why aren’t you paying me to help you?

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    While Morah and I were raking leaves last weekend, we were both listening to our iPods. The thought occurred to me that although there are billions of people and billions of songs, there’s a small but real chance that you…

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