A Free Wii

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UNEASYsilence is giving away yet another Nintendo Wii. This time, the way you enter the contest is to mention the contest on another website, ergo this post.

Sadly, the unit doesn’t come with Wii Sports, but if the Wii is free, I could easily justify spending the… (*looks up the price*) Fifty bucks? Seriously? Geez. I guess fifty bucks is a small price to pay for a new Wii. Especially since I’m still using a N64 and a SNES (which plays Super Famicom games without the crappy adapter!).

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  1. I did that back in high school. I had a site hosted on diary-x.com (now defunct, sadly). I wrote very candid things about my life and everyone I knew. I gave everyone code names and lots of strangers read it and loved it and I find myself missing it a lot. Part of it is that my life was so much more dramatic and exciting back then that I actually had things to write about.

    Luckily I saved the entries and I am in the process of tweaking them into somewhat of a more publishable form. Who knows. But Aposrophe will never be what that was and I have a hard time getting over it, sometimes.

    But tell me more about your web2.0 project.

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