A New Raking Challenge

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I came home a couple of days ago to find this:

Seed pods

The entire yard and driveway are covered in these seed pods. They really suck. They’re nearly impossible to rake up, because they slip through the tines of the rake. They can be moved off of the concrete fairly easily with the blower or a broom, but they stick in the grass pretty well.

Has anyone had to deal with these before? Does anyone have any tips or know any tricks?

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  1. Tom Dineen

    Ask your neighbors, they have likely been dealing with them for many years.

  2. mcC

    These linden pods are awesome! They remind me of my childhood. You can 1) open them up on the thick side where they are sticky and put them on your nose, which looks really funny, or 2) pick one up and let it fall from as high as possible – it will do little propeller moves. As weird as it may sound: things like that can make one happy.

    As for how to get rid of them: no idea. But finn’s just said that it’s best to leave them on the ground since winter will be here soon. That way the ground remains protected from the cold.

    Hope I could help.


  3. I do like the propeller aspect of them. While I was sweeping the driveway, I wanted to grab giant handfuls and throw them up in the air so I could watch them fall.

    I also cleaned out the gutters, which had a bunch of pods in them. Throwing them off of the roof was entertaining. -)

  4. The mulcher seemed to suck them up pretty well. Tom’s suggestion is pretty good. Your neighbors probably have a ton of experience with them. Maybe they know a better way to get rid of them.

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