AEA Wrap Up (2007 Edition)

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An Event Apart was last week, and I meant to write this sooner, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Last year, there was too much for me to describe, and the event was only one day long. This year it lasted for two days, so you can believe that there was even more which I won’t be able to describe.


There wasn’t a pre-party this year, but there was an after party on both days. The first night, I got pretty well sauced (I wasn’t the only one). The second night, I barely drank at all. I think I did that in the wrong order.

Beer isn’t quite as gross! Not only did I drink Guinness, but I also had a Mac and Jacks.

I saw Pete LePage again this year. He wasn’t at the conference (he was in Zimbabwe or something), but he showed up at the after party on the second day to hand out copies of Microsoft’s new program for web designers called Expression Web. It’s a $300 program and there was literally a pile of them.

I hung out with Shaun Inman at the first party without realizing that it was Shaun Inman. He also had a Hel-Fucking-Vetica T-shirt.

Speaking of the Hel-Fucking-Vetica T-shirt, its creator, Khoi Vinh, spoke. While not super-laugh-out-loud hilarious, I found it fascinating and it was, for me, one of the most informative speeches of the entire two days.

Tim Bray, the father of XML, sold the entire room on Rails. We all must learn Rails. It is fantastic. His speech was one of the best of the weekend. I would say that he’s tied with Jeffery Veen for second, while Andy Budd easily took the title of bestest speech this year. It was hilarious and informative.

That doesn’t mean that Shawn Henry and Mike Davidson (and, of course, Eric, Zeldman, and Jason) weren’t good or informative. They definitely were!

Great quotes:

“Why would you bother? Because it’s cool!” – Eric Meyer

“All copy is a brand opportunity.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

“We have the power to make people enjoy life.” – Andy Budd

“There are no evil people writing HTML.” – Mike Davidson

The best part of this year’s conference was that I made a bunch of cool new friends! Michelle and Kris (not to be confused with the Kris I usually blog about; the new Kris is female) were the two I spent the most time with (because why wouldn’t I try to hang out with hot, geeky women as much as possible?). Other people I hung out with were Vincent, Chris, Ben, Steve (who I think didn’t like me very much, but he was Ben’s shadow), Jamie, Ryan, and I’m sure there are other people whose names I can’t remember.

After the second day, as Michelle, Kris, Vincent, and I were walking to the after party, we agreed that hanging out with people as geeky as ourselves kicks ass. It truly does.

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  1. First of all, the font size on this comment box is obscenely large.

    Second, YAY!! You totally rock and I had the best time hanging out wiht the three of you… and talking about hex #s on t-shirts and other superlame-ities.

    I think I’m going to plan a reunion dinner party at my house. You and the lady had better come. 🙂

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