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Well, it’s finally happened. Something I wrote was linked to by A List Apart. Now I’m sort of embarrassed that I haven’t worked on this site in a while (there are some glaring errors that I just haven’t gotten around to fixing). If you’re a fellow web designer, I apologise for any… Ugliness you end up finding. I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum.

On the other hand, I wrote some code this morning that will help all of my pages have better cross-browser support (that is, once I implement the script).

Yes, this page is in need of plenty of work. I have a brilliant idea for some neat Ajax integration, but I’m not yet sure how I’m going to go about adding it. I’ll likely save it for the annual anniversary update.

I’m just still so stoked about the link. -)

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  1. Demetrius Pinder

    it’s all good!

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