ALLO: Safe to Visit

closePlease note: This post was published over a year ago, so please be aware that its content may not be quite so accurate anymore. Also, the format of the site has changed since it was published, so please excuse any formatting issues.

I don’t remember how I found this, but apparently, my site is safe to visit.

I guess that’s good to know. Right?

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  1. My site is apparently hosted in Singapore, according to that utility. Interesting. ^_^

    Also, possibly not quite right, according to the World IP Address Map. I pinged myself and got the IP (, and it tells me that I’m hosted in New York. They can’t both be correct.

    Still, BrowserDefender says I’m safe to visit, so there’s that. ^_^

  2. Hey, does anyone remember way back when, when I said that BrowserDefender and the WIAM couldn’t both be correct? Turns out I am full of shit.

    BD goes by the root domain ( in my case), but I had assumed that it was going by the full domain I had entered ( So, I was wrong. I looked up my IP (, and it is INDEED hosted in Singapore, which is apparently where my domain server is located.

    I shall remove the rock of smug triumph and attach the rock of ages. (The rock of guilt is in the shop)

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