ALLOpod Episode II – Sex, Lies, and Antihistamines

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ALLOpod Episode II – Sex, Lies, and Antihistamines!

You’d be surprised how fast a month flies by when you have a podcast to produce. How do people with full-time jobs do this every week? Then again, when you’re the producer, editor, engineer, host, webmaster, et cetera…

The show kicks off with a song called Power Steering by the super-cool band, Pacemaker Jane. I found out about them while listening to another podcast and immediately knew I wanted their music on my show.

Our first show was really popular! In the podcast I mention that over 120 people have downloaded the first episode, and since then that number has jumped up to over 140!

Emily and I talk about the legal requirements for making claims in antihistamine adverts, the side effects of drugs, how your grocery store is lying to you, and the definition of truth in advertising according to the Federal Trade Commission. I also make mention of the “Chivas Regal effect”, which is the belief in a positive correlation between the price of something and its quality.

Not surprisingly, the conversation moves off-track, then suddenly (and accidentally) finds its way back. The primary topic of this month’s show is sexual education and how it’s being taught. The government’s current official stance is an abstinence-only approach, so I kicked off our discussion by naming several web sites that tell it like it is (including one called Like It Is).

It’s hard to talk about sex without mentioning porn ,especially as an example of what not to do, but in this instance Emily and I came up with a couple of ideas for porno movies. What can I say? We have dirty minds.

Joining us in our very fist over-the-phone interview (which went surprisingly well), is 18 year old comprehensive sexual education advocate Shelby Knox. Now a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Shelby starred in a documentary entitled The Education of Shelby Knox. The film follows Shelby through a portion of her high school career as she lobbies for comprehensive sex ed in conservative Lubbock, Texas. Shelby is a bright young woman who diligently and competently answered all of our questions.

Pacemaker Jane carries us out of the interview with their song Good Suspicion and, realising that time is running short, we quickly play Andrew Burton’s latest technology haiku, “plug and play”.

“plug and play”

plug and play is great

cannot find device driver?

that’s it, I give up

A new feature this month (and one that you will see in the coming months, provided Peter Bowler and Godine Publishing don’t have a problem with it) is the Superior Person’s Word of the month. This month’s word is ithyphallic. Want to know what it means? I guess you’ll just have to listen to the show!

Next month we’ll be interviewing Dr. Bill Youngs, a history professor at Eastern Washington University. For more information about Dr. Youngs, please refer to the links below. If you have a question for Dr. Youngs that would like to hear answered on ALLOpod, e-mail your question to: podcast alifelessordinary .


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Like It Is []

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And to find out more about Dr. Bill Youngs:

Dr. Bill Youngs’ Website []

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  1. Dr. Youngs also has his own personal website.

  2. Ah! Yes, I forgot to add the link. So there you go. Thanks, Mike.