ALLOpod Episode III – The Interdictor Interview

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ALLOpod Episode III – The Interdictor Interview

We break format this month to bring you a very special interview. As you know, hurricane Katrina has devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States. We felt it only fitting to pay tribute to those affected by bringing you an interview with Michael Barnett, better known to the world as interdictor.

Michael’s gained recognition after a number of prominent sites posted links to his blog. His point of of view was like no other seen in the media; honest, immediate, and unabashed. Blogging from within NOLA itself, Michael was often privy to information before the news networks. His live video stream of the central business district became mandatory watching for those curious to catch a glimpse of what was really going on.

We are ever grateful to Michael for taking the time to talk to us. We asked him about life in NOLA during and after the storm, as well as a few questions that no one else seems to be asking (for example, when the sewage isn’t working, where do you go to the bathroom?). Yes, this podcast is rather long (1 hour and 12 minutes), but I feel it’s well worth it.

Next month we will return to our regular format and will present our interview with Dr. Bill Youngs, a history professor at Eastern Washington University. For more information about Dr. Youngs, please refer to the links below. If you have a question for Dr. Youngs that would like to hear answered on ALLOpod, e-mail your question to: podcast alifelessordinary .


Survival of New Orleans Blog []

And to find out more about Dr. Bill Youngs:

Dr. Bill Youngs’ Website []

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  1. The Interdictor! Wow…I’m impressed. Sound is not working on this machine at the moment, and I am not sure when I’ll have an entire straight hour to listen, but I’ll have to try at some point. Very cool.

  2. Wow, first the high hit on ‘Holy Pasta Week’ and now an interview with THE Interdictor! Face it, Thomas, you’re hitting the Big Time.

    I guess I’ll have to stop posting dirty pictures of myself in the comments.