ALLOpod Episode V – Ye Olde Podcast

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ALLOpod Episode V – Ye Olde Podcast

Be sure to crank your audio listening device to the “whippin’ loud” setting for Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox by cjacks, which is the song we chose to begin this months’ podcast.

Right off the bat, we announced a contest to help us name the people who listen to ALLOpod (the best we could come up with was ALLOpod minions). There’s a mystery prize in it for the listener who chooses the best name (as judged by us) and we promise that the prize won’t be a cup of our spit).

Emily wanted to talk about a famous pseudo-anachronism that you’ve probably heard of: the word, “ye”. Turns out, the letter “y” should actually be what’s called a thorn (which looks like this: Þ) and is pronounced “th”. So even if it says “ye”, it’s still pronounced, “the”.

Emily then goes on to assure me that the runic alphabet is called the Futhark, and we discuss the futility of cursive handwriting. Since we’re chatting about writing (and since November is National Novel Writing Month), I take the opportunity to talk about the novel I’m writing, and plug NaNoWriMo.

A topic we’ve wanted to talk about since episode one is self-publishing (and why Emily doesn’t like it). She presents her argument, but also makes some suggestions on how to best take advantage of self-publishing, as well as tells us why you shouldn’t pay your agent (or your publisher).

After that, we played a game called “real headline, or fake” that I half-stole (I mean, that I borrowed) from another podcast that I listen to (hey, at least I admit it).

At that point, we decided that we had been talking for quite a while, so we played another song by cjacks called Get the Groove On. After the song, we listened to Andrew Burton’s technology haiku:

“faster advertising”

dial-up, wi-fi,

d.s.l., satelite, cable,

all include pop-ups

Then we announced some exciting news: ALLOpod won a five star award from PodSpider! It also turns out that we were Newbie of the Week over at Podcast Pickle back in mid-August. It got me to thinking that a lot of podcast directories out there have a system for rating and/or reviewing podcasts, so we’re asking for all ALLOpod listeners to help us out and rate or review us, but do it honestly! We’d rather face the truth than ignore the facts.

We wrapped up the show with Peter Bowler’s Superior word of the month (which, to be honest, we almost forgot). This month’s word is Kakorraphiaphobia. It’s one of those ironic words.

We’re working on nailing down an interview for next month (the person we want to interview has agreed, we just need to set an actual date) and once that’s done, we’ll let you know who it is so you can submit questions.

In the meantime, if you have any general questions or comments, or if you want to hear your name mentioned in our shout-outs, e-mail us at: podcast alifelessordinary . If you send us a question or comment, be sure to mention if you want to be included in the shout-outs and if you do, please include your location (for example, “Thomas in Spokane, WA” or “Phoenix in Japan”).


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  1. Hey there! Thanks for playing my songs ‘Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox’ and ‘Get The GrooVe On’ on ALLOpod Episode V-Ye Olde Podcast. I like the show and appreciate your attention to loudness.

    Cast away,