And Boy Are My Feet Tired

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Today we went to Buckingham Palace. It was big. Very big. Stunningly so. That’s really about it, though. I saw some famous Rembrandt (leave it to me not to know). I’m really annoyed that you’re not allowed to take pictures inside any of these places. There was this really hot chick working at the palace that I wanted to take a picture of and… Oh. Just kidding. -)

After the palace we went and saw the changing of the guard. It was kind of cool because they marched around a bunch and played marching band music (which included the theme from Star Wars), but it was mostly just a lot of standing around in the sun and listening to the bobbies yell at stupid people. Actually, that was a lot more entertaining than the actual changing of the guard. The bobby standing near us was absolutely hilarious. He kept being “politely rude” to people that were giving him a hard time. He had a great sense of humor and managed to entertain the crowd (well, us anyway). This one woman wouldn’t move and claimed she was looking for her lost daughter and he told her that he’d heard better stories than that and to keep moving. Another woman told him she had to go inside the palace because the queen was expecting her. He checked the flagpole on the roof (a special flag is flying if the queen is home) and pointed out to the woman that, not only was the queen not expecting her, but she wasn’t even there.

After that we went to Royal Mews. Ashley appreciated this a lot more than I did because it had all to do with horses. Some woman there (a tourist, not an employee) referred to the withers as the horse’s “hump.” I wanted to correct her, but she didn’t look like the type to care.

After lunch we went to some horse guard thing, which was actually really funny because there was a piece of what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to the bottom of the main guard’s boot as he was marching around. I laughed hard at that one.

We went to Westminster Abbey, which was really cool, and saw Big Ben. Given the name, I rather expected Big Ben to be, well, big. But it was really quite small. And if you’re ever taking pictures of Big Ben, you’ll find out, just as I did, that there is no good angle to take the picture from. At least, not without taking the photo into Photoshop later.

Something I meant to mention yesterday that I forgot to, is that there is a sincere lack of available garbage cans around. Sometimes you can find one, but usually it’s impossible. While at a train station just outside of London, I asked a guy working there where I could find a garbage can in which to put my rubbish. He told me that, for security reasons, they couldn’t have them and to just place my rubbish on the ground somewhere. Maybe it’s because I never consider it, but it was almost impossible for me to put my garbage down and walk away from it. I felt guilty, even though the guy working there told me it was okay, I still felt like I was littering.

Speaking of littering, as we were walking to the tube station this morning, we saw a pretty big pile of hypodermic needles on the sidewalk. Most of them appeared to be unopened. There was also a spoon. So I took a picture.

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