Another New Year, Another New Site Design

closePlease note: This post was published over a year ago, so please be aware that its content may not be quite so accurate anymore. Also, the format of the site has changed since it was published, so please excuse any formatting issues.

Welcome to the newly updated A Life Less Ordinary!

It has become somewhat of an annual tradition for me to update my website on its “birthday”. Each year tends to bring a new visual style, new features, and improvements in a number of areas.

This year’s improvements and additions are really exciting! They include a new, sleeker user interface; ALLOpod podcasts with show notes; links in the Friday Funday and ALLOpod show notes; a new outdoor webcam; all three webcams are “always on”; permalinks for blog posts, Friday Funday posts, and ALLOpod posts; easy access to the photo essays; XHTML and CSS are W3C valid; and more!

Now, on to the bugs. The site was designed for viewing in FireFox, but displays pretty well in both Internet Explorer and Safari (I haven’t tested anything else because, let’s face it, they don’t really command much of a market share. You could make a case for Opera, but the other three make up over 90% of my traffic, and Opera barely breaks 2%). The biggest differences I’ve noticed between the browsers is in spacing, but nothing is so far off that it actually looks bad (well, not bad enough to warrant special versions). If you do happen to notice anything buggy, please let me know. Chances are, there will be a few things that made it through the transition incorrectly.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site and the new features. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Thanks to Phoenix for pointing out that all previous page addresses have changed (in other words, if you subscribed to my RSS feed, you’ll need to update the link). This is a one-time change, and I apologise that it happened, but now I have the site set up the way I want it, so I won’t change it again.

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  1. The site was designed for viewing in FireFox

    Yay! πŸ™‚

    Although, two things:

    1) I wish you had a Plain Old Text option for comments (replace /n with <br />). It would be easier for users, and more compliant (I imagine most people would use <br> instead). Your current Plain Old Text filter will convert a single return, but not a double. So, it’s neither Plain Old Text or HTML format. πŸ™

    2) I wish you had MENTIONED THIS EARLIER! You broke the old RSS feed. I kept waiting for you to fix it, and finally decided to check out the page to make sure it was even still there.

    Nice design, btw.

  2. Ah! Yes, I had meant to mention that about the RSS feed. Perhaps I’d better had.

    Cheers on the compliment; I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I am irked at the Plain Old Text thing. I don’t like P tags, but MT is rife with them. It drives me nuts. I’m going to see if there’s a plugin (which there probably is) that will “fix” MT. -)

  3. Because of Phoenix’s comment about the RSS feed URL having changed, I have issued a statement to that effect on the old feed URL. So, hopefully, anyone who subscribed via the old URL will get the message and visit the site so they can get the new one.

  4. Kris

    It’s strange: the RSS button that pops up in Safari links to the old feed, not the new one.

  5. Ah, I know why. Thanks for pointing it out. -)

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