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I agree that smoking is bad, but what the fuck is with this anti-smoking campaign? Make sure you watch the TV spots.

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  1. I agree smoking is bad, but we all do things that are bad for us.

    The TV spots go way to far!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smoked 3 packs a day, quit 22 years ago when I became pregnant.


  2. Damn! that’s wack!

  3. AWFI: Glad you were able to quit, especially from 3 packs a day!

    Lauren: You’re telling me!

    Mike: Beats me, but we’re running them on the air now (I’ve seen them both on the air a few times).

  4. Kris

    These spots are incredible! You can’t go wrong with Quay-esque advertising. And frankly: the more disgusting the better. Basically, it seems like an effort to switch the social paradigm of “smoking as cool” to “smoking as vile”. And for that, kudos.

  5. Overall, I agree, but I already don’t smoke and don’t have any desire to, so I don’t really want to see these spots while I’m eating dinner.

    And the moment I first saw them, all I could think was Quay. -)

  6. It is pretty sad, when out to eat you have to deal with the smoke finding its way over from the smoking area. At home you have to deal with their ads for and against cigarettes/smokers.

    Personally I love them (the quay-esque advertising) they are easier to look at then to smell smoke. I have a hyper-sensitive nose.

  7. Having a no-smoking section in a restaurant is like having a no-peeing section in a pool.

    Personally, I doubt campaigning too negatively will succeed (I haven’t watched the ads yet, I’m at work). It would probably be better to be straight with the facts:

    “Look, smoking looks cool. We both know it. Yes, some smokers get cancer and die, but it’s fairly rare. However, it will stain your teeth and prematurely age your skin. That’s the price every smoker pays. I’m not saying ‘don’t smoke’. Just be aware of the real cost, and don’t whinge later when you want to recapture the look of your youth. You gave up that look in return for the pleasures of smoking.”

    And Thomas, it’s now taking three carriage returns to put one spacer line between paragraphs. Just, you know, FYI. ^_^

  8. I know, Phoenix, didn’t you read that line above the comment box that says, “Line break problems have returned. Please don’t add br/ tags, I’ll fix it somehow”? Or do I have to highlight that line?

  9. Well, now that I’ve fixed the problem (by hacking MT, no less. Hooray for Perl and not knowing that the fuck I’m doing!), I removed the line I was referring to in my previous comment.

    I also edited Phoenix’s comment to get rid of the extra line breaks. I think he’d want it that way.

  10. I know, Phoenix, didn’t you read that line above the comment box that says, “Line break problems have returned. Please don’t add br/ tags, I’ll fix it somehow”?

    Oh, now I have to read every little warning? You’re just like my doctor! “You’d better get that spot checked out, I don’t think it’s a mole” he says. Bah! Bah to your rules, I say! Next thing you know I’ll be reading the warning labels on all of my many many medications. Don’t operate heavy machinary? How am *I* supposed to know how much it ways?

    And, no, I actually didn’t see that line. ^_^ (And I’m more than a little disappointed that I couldn’t think of a way to use the phrase “my lumpy, lumpy testicle”)

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