Battling Spam

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While MovableType has done a pretty good job of stopping spam comments from making it through, it still has a hard time with certain types of spam. To help save me from having to deal with the spam comments that MT lets through, I’m setting up filters. Below is a list of strings that will trip the spam filter, so don’t put them in your comments (unless you want them to get junked).

  • yello pages
  • Nice site. Thanks
  • Very good site. Thanks
  • Yhanks you
  • Hi, my sites
  • Nice site. Thank you.
  • Very good site. Thank you
  • Cool site. Thanks.
  • Cool site. Thank you
  • Good site. Thank you.
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  1. Thank you for the warning. Are these exact strings or fuzzy? I mean, how close can we get before we trigger it?

    This will make it an even better site, although, it has always been a Nice site. My sites aren’t Very good sites.

    Merry Christmas! ^_^

  2. They’re exact, as you can see.

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