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Thanks to Nicole for pointing this out to me.

So here’s the deal: Today is BlogDay. The idea is to link to five interesting blogs so that readers can be exposed to other cool blogs.

  1. LG reminds me a lot of my friend AJ. If only a lolatini were a real drink. Hey LG, we have some mixology to get to work on.
  2. The Appreciator is the blog of Jami Dwyer. Her taste in music is bested only by her taste in wine.
  3. Don’t look now, but Meg is Quietly Judging You. She probably drinks too much, but she’s unnecessarily descriptive about her personal life, and that always makes for an entertaining blog.
  4. mcCutcheon has Squishy Thoughts about life, love, and language. Plus, she lives in Vienna. How cool is that?
  5. Nicole’s Blush Response proves she’s not a replicant. Although it would be pretty awesome if she were.
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  1. LG

    Why, thank you for the link! I’m working on the lolatini. All I know so far is that it will have vodka in it. I’m doing copious amounts of field research, though.

  2. whoooo

    how do i prove that i’m not a replicant though?

  3. thank you very much indeed đŸ™‚

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