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“Actually, it’s Brown, but it’s a common mistake.”

That was the joke this afternoon while going over the itinerary for my planned-at-the-last minute trip to the Quileute reservation in La Push, WA tomorrow.

Yes, I said tomorrow. And when did I know I was going? Shortly after lunch today.

I should point out that this wasn’t the result of poor planning, it was just a last minute decision that will result in a positive outcome for both our company and the Quileute Nation.

The Quileute board of directors is meeting tomorrow afternoon and I’m slated to be there. I leave Spokane at 5 A.M. and should get into La Push around 10:30 or 11 (after driving an hour and a half from Port Angeles). The meeting is at 1:30 P.M., then it’s back to Port Angeles to catch my return flight to Spokane, which should get in around 9 at night (unfortunately, I have a couple of hours of layover each way)!

Why such a fast turnaround? Because I have a meeting on Thursday afternoon in Plummer, ID that I have to attend.

This job is awesome.

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  1. Le Push is very nice. My family goes camping about 50 miles south of there, at Pacific Beach. Its in the really pretty part of Washington’s Coast line. I would love a job that would get me the hell out of the area even if I can’t go see anything while I’m gone. Not that I don’t like Spokane, I’m just feeling in rut because it’s not getting warm fast enough for me. Have fun!

  2. LG

    That sounds awesome! Even if it’s day trips or the like, it’s still great to have something to break up the monotony. Happy traveling and remember to order your martinis shaken, not stirred.

  3. Oh by the way Thomas, her name is Angela.

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    I’ve been wanting to do some video blogs, so here’s vlog #1, which I shot during my trip to La Push last Wednesday. Like the trip, this video was a bit last minute, so it’s not as… Refined as…

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