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And the most horrific sound of all, coming from a scanner feed over the internet…The New York City Fire Department’s (FDNY) Manhattan Division.

Manhattan: “Ladder 113, Manhattan”

Engine 59: (screaming) “Manhattan from Engine Five-Nine, get us some HELP over here!!!”

Manhattan: “10-4, Five-Nines, we’re workin’ on it, kay. Ladder One-One-Three, Manhattan?”

Field Comm: “Manhattan, Field Comm, we don’t know where the hell they are, we can’t find ’em!”

Manhattan: (desperate) “Does anybody know where the hell 113 Truck is? Any unit?”

Unknown Unit: “They’re gone, they’re all gone…”

Manhattan: (emotional) “Jesus…Battalion 9, we’re working on your request for the hundred firefighters… we’ll see what we can scrounge up.”

Battalion 9: “Manhattan, Battalion 9, 10-4…we’re jumping ship here, roll ’em to Broadway and Park Place, we can’t hold this mess here”

Manhattan: “Battalion 9, kay, will do. What other unit needs help, kay?

Unknown Unit: (screaming) “Engine…[unintelligible]…to the Field Comm Unit…[unintelligible]…trapped and unable…[unintelligible]..whole thing is shifting…”

Field Comm: (panicked) “Get out, get out, get out, get out!!! It’s coming down, the whole thing is coming down, jesus, get out, get OUT! Manhattan, Field Comm, the whole Tower’s down, its coming down right on TOP of us!”

Manhattan: “Field Comm, kay, we’ll try and make the notifications, but its just chaos on this end and I think we’ve lost our repeaters…”

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