Comcast: Evil Incorporated

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I can’t live without the Internet. Sad? Probably, but at least I can admit it.

I like cable Internet because I’m used to it. DSL may be wonderful for other people, but cable works for me. Plus, you always hear all this stuff about DSL having hidden fees, but cable is really straightforward. So I thought, “Hey, I’ll get cable Internet when I move in to my new flat.”

I called Comcast about a week ago and got some prices. $30 a month for the first three months (they were having a special) and $60 a month after that (because we didn’t also get cable since we don’t watch that much TV). Since the cable wasn’t already hooked up at our flat, they had to send someone out to hook it up and “activate” it. This, of course, was to happen at our expense. I was quoted $60 as the installation cost. I then scheduled a time for the installer to come and waited patiently.

To my surprise, they showed up on time (the “arrival time window” was two hours long. I waited five minutes). When I say they, I mean there were two guys (one was young and kind of cute, but dumb as a post. The other was old, ugly, and also rather daft). It took them all of forty minutes to get things set up (the old one knocked into some of my model rockets, cracking one of the balsa wood fins). It was like watching Forest Gump and Jessica Simpson try to connect to the Internet (bonus points if you can tell me which television show I stole that line from).

They finally leave and we have the Internet. Too bad my computer won’t work properly. They installed something that was supposed to speed up the connection, but it required editing the registry. Now, I trusted that this was something that Comcast had made specially for them by professionals, so I allowed them to install it. My computer hasn’t been the same.

Internet Explorer crashes on nearly every page and AOL Instant Messenger won’t stay open most of the time, either. I spent last weekend backing up my files, then doing a format and reinstall.

Still fucked up.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. Probably format and reinstall. Again.

Kris brought up a good point about it all in an IM session.

[Re-formatted for readability]

kriskarlb (11:28:36 AM): You know what’s retarted? Well, one of the almost infinite number of things that’s retarded? Software License Agreements. When you install software, it is always presented as an "as is" product and doesn’t offer any guarantee that it will a) work, or b) not fuck up your machine. In any other industry, that would totally not fly. Think if there was an "as is" clause when you install new tires on your car. "We offer no guarantee that the tires will actually keep your car rolling, nor do we protect against the possibility that the tires cease to work while in use, causing a massive accident and killing your family. Sorry". Like with your current situation, you can’t call them and say "Hey, your software fucked my machine" They’ll just throw a piece of paper at you with "as-is" written on it and run away and cash your check.

mwproductions12 (11:31:27 AM): Yeah. Fuckers.

kriskarlb (11:31:32 AM): Yeah.

Anyway, back to them overcharging me. Today I called Comcast to complain about charging me $40 more than I was quoted and they told me it was because I would be receiving a rebate. Okay, I can see that. I just wish someone would have mentioned that to me earlier.

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