Cromulent Avoision

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Has anyone else noticed that the FedEx logo has an arrow in the negative space? How long have I been staring at that logo and never seen it (the answer, by the way, is since January of 2000.? Today at work, Ben (the guy who secretly added his initials to my work webcam) pointed that out, as it was recently pointed out to him. None of us had ever noticed it before.

The arrow is intentional, of course. From, “The arrow was indeed intentional as a secondary design element,” says Federal Express Corp. spokesman Jess Bunn. “If the viewer sees it, it’s a neat, interesting visual bonus. If the viewer doesn’t see it, that’s OK. It’s still a powerful logo. The arrow is intended to communicate movement, speed and the dynamic nature of our company,” he said.

On a completely unrelated note, in an episode of The Simpsons that I recently watched, Kent Brockman used the word “avoision” and someone “off camera” gives him a hard time about it. He tells them, “it’s a word. Look it up.” So I did. It’s not a word (see also Cromulent and Embiggen), but in the course of my search I found a weblog called Cromulent Avoision; a clear reference to The Simpsons. I poked around on the site for a little while (the site’s creator is mostly correct when he says, “Trust me, I’m really no more interesting than anyone else out there.”) and I ended up reading this post about why 9/11 is a crappy name for the September 11 attacks.

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