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I meant to post this earlier, but did anyone else notice that this morning we had a neat time-date thing? During the five o’clock hour it was 05:05:05 on 05/05/05.

You could also say that it was 05:05:05 this afternoon, but for the rest of the world (which tends to go on 24-hour time), it wasn’t.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t even notice that!

    I remember when it was 1:01 (and 1 second), January 1st, 2001. No one seemed to care but me though. October and November also had all-binary dates and times, but it wasn’t all a single number.

    My favorite was 12:34 (and 56 seconds) on July 8th, 1990. Again, no one cared.

    I also remember 8:08 (and 8 seconds), August 8th, 1988. That actually made it on the news (including a girl who was turning 8 that day).

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