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Okay, I’ve got it all figured out now. This blog will be a diary (more or less). If I feel like there’s anything worth sharing, I’ll be sure to do it here. I am going to make an effort, this time, to make it work. Blogger is quick and easy, so there’s really no excuse not to post. Except if nothing happens. As for ‘A Life Less Ordinary,’ I’m working on that section right now, as well as a Hotbar section. Wow! HOD Squared is getting very big very fast! And as soon as I get my bloody server running, I won’t be limited to a measly 15 megs, but 3 whopping gigs! I know, I know, 3 gigs is a tiny server, but all it’s going to serve is web pages. Besides, once I buy a larger HD for my video stuff, it’ll jump up to about 20 gigs. But that’s if I can ever figure out Apache. It’s not as easy as it seems.

So last night I had this dream that I was moving out of the University of Idaho dorms (in the Wallace complex), but the interior was totally different from how the dorms really are. In my dream, there were these three turtles, two small orange-shelled ones and one large green-sea turtle one. Here’s the catch: they were all loose in my room (for some reason) and they could all climb walls and move =really= fast. And that’s just the beginning. My dad managed to usher the large one outside and some other guys who live in the dorm took one of the orange ones as a pet (since I didn’t want them). So I’m looking for the last one so I can get rid of it as well, when it suddenly leaps off of a bookshelf right at my sister (who mysteriously showed up just for this scene). Then it runs up a door frame, falls down (thanks to gravity and an inability to sink its nails into the metal of the frame), looks around a bit, then rushes after me and grabs onto my little toe. I realize that it’s about to try and bite me, so I manage to shake it off. I’m not sure what happened after that, but the idea of fast-moving, wall-climbing, carnivorous turtles haunting my dreams is only somewhat unsettling. So, all you dream analyzers, hop-to! Any ideas what this means?

Anyway, I’m off to work on HOD, talk to you later!

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