Disband the Army

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Okay, I’m pissed off again.

Why the fuck do we bother to have a military of any sort if all we’re going to do is call in private contractors like Blackwater every time the shit hits the fan? It infuriates me that we spend billions on our military to begin with, then send them off to fight and pay even more to have mercenaries fight alongside them, or in some cases, fight for them. If we won’t let the military do their job, why even bother to have a military?

I don’t remember if Blackwater has to follow orders from our military leaders or not, but I sincerely doubt it. I’m pretty sure they just do their own thing. If this is the case, then what is already a messy situation becomes worse as highly trained people with guns outside of our control are working at their own agenda.

In NOLA, the situation has deteriorated to a all-time low as Blackwater (people armed with assault rifles) are allowed to roam freely about the city while the Red Cross (people armed with food, clean water, and medicine) are denied access. The police are taking weapons away from civilians citing that, “only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons.” But Blackwater is, for some reason, exempt from that rule. [SOURCE]

Worse still is that these guys (Blackwater as well as other private “security” firms) are often paid ten times what our own military is paid to do the same damn job. Again, why do we have a military? In NOLA, they’re being paid to do what many people around the country have volunteered to do. As Kathryn Cramer says,”Sending Blackwater into New Orleans is the twenty-first century’s sad answer to that quaint twentieth-century phrase ‘send in the marines.'”

To fix this problem before it gets way too far out of hand (see, it’s already out of hand, I just don’t want it to get “way too far” out of hand), we need to pass a law that does one of two things: Either it needs to say that the U.S. government cannot hire private security to do what the military is already being paid to do, or is needs to set up most favored nations for military spending.

Most favored nation is, at its core, used for international trade. It is also used in the film and television industry, however, to ensure that everyone on the cast gets paid the same salary (often much to the chagrin of the studio execs. I believe the cast of Friends had a most favored nations clause). The idea would be that private security firms couldn’t be paid more than our troops to do the same job. Already, that statement is rife with loopholes and exploits, so the law would have to very clearly define what constitutes the same job.

I’m just so sick of (A) people getting rich off of tragedy (Katrina in particular) and (B) our government pissing money away when they could have the same thing(s) for free or significantly less money. It’s time for someone to do something about it.

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