Do Bunnies Dream In Color?

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I just got back from the 92nd annual 4-H fair of Hunters, WA. Never heard of it? Me either, until last year, that is. My dad works for the Steven’s County Rural Library System which has a library located in Hunters, a town whose population can be counted on about three people’s digits. Now, the point of my being there (both last year and this) was to take pictures of the people who live there as a promotional thing to get people interested in the library and all it has to offer (which, for a town like that, is a lot. They even have a computer with a 56k modem!). This is a town where the parade includes not only classic cars and fire engines (yes, they throw candy here too), but tractors and people riding on horses in their long-johns. The grand marshal this year was an older mentally-handicapped gentleman who, when he visited my booth for a picture, was covered in his own vomit. The booth was a huge hit, everyone wanted their pictures taken. It was great. We had roughly double the business we had last year (which has no real bearing on anything since we don’t charge anything for the pictures). There was a brother and sister who had a rabbit and seemed quite keen on me. They hung out and we talked for quite a while about all sorts of stuff. The brother was really interested in the camera and the computer I was using (a Kodak digital and a Dell laptop), while the girl just seemed interested in me. I don’t think I would have minded her flirting had she been older (well, I didn’t acutally mind the flirting at all, it was just funny to see). She was attractive, but far too young. It was cute, though. She kept coming back and having me take her picture (with the rabbit for whom they couldn’t decide on a name) long after her brother had left. This, of course, was all after my five hours of sleep last night and about 2 hours of driving to get there. Then 2 hours back. Now I have to cook dinner. It’s going to be an early night for me tonight.

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