Don’t Ask for Beef Jerky on the East Coast

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A friend of mine from college was married over the weekend (something that I never thought I’d see him do, given his previous lifestyle). The wedding was pretty nice (as nice a Catholic mass can be (can you tell I’m not Catholic?)) and the reception was enjoyable.

At the reception, I met my friend’s sister (who was =SO HOT=, by the way) and she told Morah and I that she works in marketing for beef jerky (Oh Boy! Oberto to be specific). We wondered how much marketing one needed to do (or could do) for beef jerky, but it turns out that people on the east coast tend not to know what beef jerky is.

How can you not know?

I lived in Hawaii and everyone there knew what beef jerky was (although, you could make the argument that Hawaii is a west coast state).

So Morah and I decided we should try to become good friends with this woman in the hopes that free beef jerky might ensue. Too bad I didn’t get her contact info. There goes my contact in the beef jerky industry.

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