Dora the Hottie

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I went back and read Questionable Content from the beginning. It’s a great, if frustrating story. Of all the comics, I think I like Number 360 the best.

Dora is hot anyway, but this one just makes her even hotter. Meow.

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  1. Yeah, no kidding. Why he doesn’t go after her, I’ll never know.

    Has anyone noticed the similarities between Ctrl-Alt-Del and Questionable Content?

  2. So, Questionable Content + Penny Arcade = Ctrl-Alt-Del?

  3. QA+PA=CAD? OMG!

    (must…resist…solving for A…)

  4. Um, Phoenix…That should be:

    QC + PA = CAD.

  5. To quote all three comics, “lol.”

  6. Indeed, QC + PA = CAD is correct. I has ‘A’ on the brain for some reason.

    [btw, A = (D – P/C)/Q ]

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