Edible Plastic?

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Wow! I just revisted an old friend’s web page that I hadn’t been to in a long time and it reminded me of all the good times we shared years and years ago and how much I miss him. He’s such a cool guy. *sigh* Oh well. That’s really about it. I applied for a job at the local NBC station, but who knows how that will go. I mean, I’m quite qualified and could easily do whatever they’d want me to do, but I’m not sure if they’re looking for part-time help or someone to take on a permanent position. ALLO is coming along. I’ve solved one problem that was driving me up the wall. One down, two to go. Also, if anyone has noticed that this page has an error, I think I finally figured out what’s wrong. I am working on a fix for it. Thank you for your patience. Off to bed, but not before reading from Small Gods!

EDIT: Expired link. -TJB 9 August 2004

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