Family Guy Returns

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I almost forgot!

Last night on FOX, Family Guy made its triumphant return and featured =the best cold open ever=!

I’m excited to finally see new episodes of this wonderful show.

Oh, and American Dad still sucks.

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  1. Yeah, WHY does American Dad suck so much? It seems to have the same ingredients as The Family Guy, except the Funny. Someone forget to pick up more Funny from the store, and tried to substitute Quirky instead, which just doesn’t taste the same. 🙁

  2. I know, I just can’t sort it out. The characters might play a large part of it; they annoy the hell out of me.

  3. After this past episode of American Dad, I figured it out.

    In other animated shows (Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama) the main character is basically a dumb guy with no authority. That’s fine. He’s an idiot, but can’t do any harm.

    In American Dad, the main character is not only dumb, but psychotic. He has anger management and control issues, and readily abuses his position of authority to impose his idiotic will on others. In addition, there are no intelligent characters to counter-balance his insanity (Homer has Lisa, Peter has Brian, Fry has Leela). He is a nightmare bully who isn’t checked by anything.

    Every character on the show is a whinging loser. With whom are we supposed to identify? For whom are we supposed to cheer?

    Everything about the show is too stupid or horrific to be funny. I can only hope it will be cancelled in the immediate future.

  4. Interesting point. It seems like Stan’s children are supposed to be his counter-balance, but each is too preoccupied with their own self-pity to do any good (plus, neither of them is all that intelligent).

    Based on what you’re saying, could the same be said about a show like Malcolm in the Middle, where Malcolm is the smart one? Is the rest of his family his counter-balance?

  5. Malcolm and Dewey are the smart ones, Francis and Lois are the cunning ones, and Hal and Reese are the dumb ones. It’s a pretty good balance overall.

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