FOX’s North Shore is No More

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In case you hadn’t heard, FOX officially cancelled North Shore. At a cost of about $2 million per episode and with the return of its rather low ratings, is anyone really surprised? The show was two episodes short of it’s scheduled twenty-two episode season.

FOX has replaced North Shore with their new show, Point Pleasant; a show about a girl who is the daughter of Satan (or something like that).

Point Pleasant hasn’t run for the past two weeks, and the last time it did run, it only managed to pull a 2.6/4 rating (which is about what North Shore was doing). Even WWE Smackdown was able to beat Point Pleasant (with a 3.7/5).

According to an “unofficial” source (read: the FOX Network), Point Pleasant is “questionable”. FOX “will be patient” with it, but the bottom line is that if it continues to suck (and why wouldn’t it?), the network “has alternative plans, if needed.”

Also, more sad news, from the same “unofficial” source, the lesbian plot in the OC will, “go away quickly” when Marissa realises, “she’d rather be rich.” Even FOX is afraid to push the envelope for too long. What a fucking disgrace our society is.

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