Foxtrot Solution for April 19th Comic

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Today’s Foxtrot comic contains a coded message and the key is hidden by a series of math problems. As the title implies, this post is about the solution to those problems, so if you want to figure them out for yourself, stop reading now.

At first, the problems look pretty complicated, but once I started looking at them, I quickly realized that many of them are simple problems. I was even able to do a number of them in my head! Morah and I busted out our calculators and filled in the key as best we could, which is below:

A – 11

B – 8

C –

D – 17

E – 10

F – 2

G – 5

H – 19

I – 13

J – 7

K – 26

L –

M – 22

N – 20

O – 15

P – 16

Q –

R – 9

S – 23

T – 12

U –

V – 25

W – 4

X – 18

Y – 21

Z – 14

As you can see, we left a few unsolved. Either they weren’t coming out to whole numbers, or we simply didn’t know how to solve those ones. Once we had the above figured out, we matched up the numbers with their respective letters and decoded the secret message:

Paige Fox is bad at math

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  1. Ah… so Thomas and Moira aren’t good at trig functions. One should know the standard points, I guess.

    C = 1 [sin(pi/2 = 1)]

    L = 6 [I’m surprised you missed this one. Must have been an oversight. The X’s cancel, and it’s just 9 x 9 / 3]

    Q = 24 [I’ve always hated integrals; too bad they’re so important. The antiderivative of 9x**2 is g(x) = 3x**3 – 3. Now take g(2) – g(0).]

    U = 3 [cos(pi) = -1]

  2. Sorry… Morah. I spelled the more common name by accident. I’m so embarrassed.

  3. That’s how we thought L was supposed to work, but we weren’t sure. And yeah, we’re not good at trig. -)

  4. Lal

    I was so happy when I figured it out lol

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