Friday Funday CCLIX

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

This is the second to last Friday Funday! Next week will mark the 5 year anniversary of the section. For a number of reasons, Friday Funday CCLX will be the last one. I will continue to post fun and interesting links via Google Reader; you can find that feed here.

Train vs. Tornado

I don’t know why this one didn’t get posted last week (I probably found it on Saturday), but it’s freakin’ awesome. Also, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it (that’s how awesome it is). Skip ahead about 60 seconds to get right to the action.

All the Great Operas… In 10 Minutes

Most people learn about opera the hard way: By going to them. Who has the time for that?

McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World

In some cases, I’m kind of jealous, but in most cases, I’m just grossed out.

Eternal Moonwalk

A little tribute to MJ.

SOUR ‘日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)’

While I suspect a fair amount of post-production digital trickery (besides the obvious), you can’t deny that this video is pretty cool. Not to mention the song is pretty cool, too.

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  1. All The Great Operas: YES, THIS! I saw the last part of this on TV while browsing around YEARS ago (seriously, like pre-Internet days), and never got to see the whole thing. FINALLY! THANK YOU. I found a higher-quality version.

    Train and SOUR videos: In my queue, and I’m not changing them! Because I’m lazy. ^_^

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