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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Friday Fundays on this blog. For a number of reasons, today’s Friday Funday will be the last one, although I will continue to post fun and interesting links via Google Reader, and you can find that feed here.

Real or Fake?

From the archives of LIFE magazine, can you figure out which images are real and which are fake?

3D Map of Hong Kong

It’s eBoy meets Google Maps. Very cool!


A near-realtime stream of images being uploaded to Twitpic, yfrog, Twitgoo. Some images may not be safe for work – it all depends on what people happen to be uploading.

Awful Library Books

They really are.

Star Wars: Uncut

468 tiny clips from Star Wars: A New Hope were up for grabs to be remade by the Interwebs. All of the clips have been spoken for, and the finished products are starting to roll in. The end goal is to cut them all into a single, crowd sourced movie.

Jenny Lewis: See Fernando

Retro-cool music video for the song See Fernando by Jenny Lewis. Catchy tune!

Toutes les vidéos de Rémi Gaillard

Remember Rémi Gaillard from Foot 2008 in Friday Funday CCX and Remi Kart in Friday Funday CCXXVIII? Well, this is his entire video oeuvre.

Red Remover

Red bad! Green good! Blue neutral! Gravity… Well, gravity gets pretty weird in this game.

Demolition City

Carefully place your dynamite charges to bring the buildings toppling down. Similar to Red Remover, but with its own unique challenges.

Music From A Tree

I’m a sucker for percussive music made from strange objects (remember Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers in Friday Funday XCVI?), so naturally (ha!) this video caught my interest.

If Spammers Wrote Cialis Ads


Office 2010: The Movie

So many jokes, so many bad puns.

We Choose the Moon

A real-time, interactive recreation of the Apollo 11 moon mission, 40 years after the fact.

Here you go, everyone, the very last Friday Funday link:

Cat Solves Printer Problem

Be sure to watch it all the way to the end.

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