Friday Funday CCXXXIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Freeze Bubbles

As the site says, “Chasing bubbles round a very icy garden, in the dark while looking through a viewfinder is surprisingly hard.” The result is worth it, though.

The Assumption Song

By The Arrogant Worms. They’re pretty a pretty funny band. If you can find it, listen to their song Celine Dion.

Tony vs. Paul

I wonder how long this stop motion video took to complete. There’s some pretty clever stuff here, and I’d like to see more videos like this.

The Invisible Rope

Oh. My. Science. Why am I only just finding out about this?! The invisible rope is a hilarious social prank.

Show Them to Me

It’s a country song, but just this once, I think we can excuse that when you consider why this video is not safe for work. Via Mike.

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  1. Tom D

    My god, I’d like to shake your daddy’s hand! LOL

  2. Freeze Bubbles: Nice! I’ll have decorations for my pykrete castle…

    Arrogant Worms: Wow, Assumption Song is like that game you played as a kid, taken to a whole NEW LEVEL! (I guess, when you’re a kid, you only know three bad words anyway). Celine Dion: I can see your house, from my van.

    Tony Vs Paul: I love Tony Vs Paul! Especially the side-slide Tony does. (Also, his friend calls him a jerk, so his first reaction is to go over and punch his friend in the face? Tony IS a jerk!) When this was on Fazed, it brought out these two additional stop-motion videos:


    Poop Today?

    (I don’t think either is as good as TvP, of course) How come we don’t see more of these type of videos? Can you imagine seeing one where the SEASONS are changing around the characters? ^_^ (Well, I guess the logistics do get in the way a little…)

    Invisible Rope: Another classic, and I haven’t seen this one before (the other one I saw just has cars slowing down, but not stopping). When the one car honked its horn… hahaha. ^_^ That being said, I’d likely slow down too; just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    Show Them To Me: Rodney Carrington is a genius. He goes around, and sings a song, and women take their top off. WHY DID NO ONE THINK OF THIS SOONER?

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