Friday Funday CII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

I always find these great sites and think, “That’s totally going in the Friday Funday!” Then I promptly forget to write them down and by the time Friday rolls around, all I can remember is that I saw some site that I wanted to include. Anyway, here’s what I managed to dig up this week.

Nudist Trampolining []

Sometimes even I wonder how I find this stuff. Probably work-safe, but just in case…

10 Beautiful Women Who Are Way More Intelligent Than You []

George Hrab would love this link.

AcceleRacers Track Mod []

Who says you’re too old to play with HotWheels?

Find the Celebrity in You! []

Now you can use facial recognition software to determine which celebrity you most resemble and finally put that bar bet to rest. So who do you think I most resemble, Charles Baudelaire or M. Night Shyamalan?

Natural Hallucinogen []

This is trippy! Man, I can see myself doing this all day long…

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  1. I think you’re the wrong race to resemble M. Night Shyalaman more! Although my daughter is half-Chinese, and all our Chinese friends think she looks like Shirley Temple. (I have no idea why! She hasn’t even had curls since she was 2).

  2. Well, that facial recognition thing was just about the raddest thing ever! I was 68% Britney Spears baby! My closest was Shakira at 73%. Hey, I’ll take it! You, well, I’m going to have go with M. Night Shyamalan. Yeah, he may have a better tan than you, but you could be cousins.

  3. Tom Dineen

    1st up, Arthur Machen,Eddie Murphy(?), Jiang Zemin, Jack Nicholson? And not a Toby Mcguire, Jake Gyllenhaal or a Robin Williams… Oh well.

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