Friday Funday CIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Today is the two year anniversary of Friday Funday!

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain []

I don’t think I can describe it better than that. Be sure to check out this video of them playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

How to make love to a woman []

Funny, weird, and so not safe for work. For some reason, I was able to immediately recognize Bill Plympton’s distinct style. Now, where the hell have seen his work before? I know I’ve seen 25 Ways to Quit Smoking before, but where did I see that? Hmm…

Monkey with a Deathwish []

Actually, this is a gibbon. These little buggers are amazing; I’ve never seen one fall or even slip. This particular gibbon really seems to know just how much it can get away with.

I Know Flash []

This is every crappy Flash site you’ve ever seen.

Ohne Worte []

I had my doubts about this video when it first started playing, but I quickly changed my mind. I would love to do a live action version of this. And really, if you don’t totally love Yann Tiersen, you aren’t human.

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  1. Tom Dineen

    I beleive you may recognize Plympton’s work from MTV’s Liquid Television?

  2. You must check out The Fan and the Flower, another Plympton short narrated by Paul Paul Giamatti. I shall say no more…simply enjoy. (God Bless YouTube!)

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