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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Dropkick The Faint []

I don’t know who The Faint are or why you’re supposed to dropkick them, but my high score so far is 14,434.

What does your browser reveal about you? []

A humorous and fairly accurate list of the personality types of the people who use different browsers. My favourite one is Lynx. Too true. -)

AOL Search Log Special, Part 1 []

From Something Awful comes a rip-roaringly funny view into real people’s searching habits, courtesy of AOL. I strongly advise against reading this at work. Not only is much of the text strong and potentially offensive, but you’ll be laughing loud and hard. Be sure to check out part two.

How I (color blind person) see the world! []

I’m not colour blind, that’s just the name of the post to which I’ve linked. Phoenix, on the other hand, is red-green colour blind. Kris and I always wondered what red and green look like to Phoenix, but he was never able to explain it to us in a way that we could understand (through no fault of his own. How do you describe what colour you see to someone who doesn’t see the same thing?). Well, now perhaps we can understand what he sees. So Phoenix, is this how you see the world?

Board Dots []

Not a particularly creative game, but as the description says, “Another one of those games that looks really simple and easy, but leaves you pulling your hair out in the end.” Out of the nine levels, the only one I haven’t solved so far is level five.

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  1. Dropkick: 14,593. I’ve played this before, a long time ago.

    Lynx: Pine actually was my primary mail client for a long time. ^_^ I’m such a nerd.

    Search Log: I laughed at the Burlington Coat Factory one. ^_^ And that was only page one! The Seizure on part 2 … ^_^ There was nothing we could do!

    Colorblind: Yup, pretty much. I will resist pointing out this colorblind test.

    Board Dots: Addicting!

  2. I used Pine very briefly before my school starting whoring Eudora.

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