Friday Funday CLII

closePlease note: This post was published over a year ago, so please be aware that its content may not be quite so accurate anymore. Also, the format of the site has changed since it was published, so please excuse any formatting issues.

Due to a combination of a lack of time, a lack of soberness, and a lack of access to the internet, this week’s Friday Funday will be a few days late.

UPDATE: Okay, here we go!

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra []

They play music, but their instruments are all made out of vegetables. Be sure to check out their video section for *ahem* a taste.

The Crossing []

A nice easy game for people who like nice easy games (for example, me). []

IMPORTANT NOTE: Almost everything on this website is a lie. I linked to it because I wanted to show where disinformation on the internet comes from. I don’t know if the owner of this site modified the images or made up the stories, but the majority are shameful lies. I quickly recognized many of the images, as they come from some famous (and recent) news stories. Honestly, the crap people will put on the internet.

Furries and their Escalade! []

Title says it all.

Dramatic Chipmunk []

You’ve probably already seen this (it’s pretty much the most viral video on the internet ever; there’s already a T-shirt for it!), but here it is anyway. Seriously, I can’t stop watching this and laughing. And before you all accuse me of stealing this from Kris’ blog, I had it bookmarked for my Friday Funday a day before he posted the link. He just beat me to the punch.

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  1. P: I don’t understand.

    T: Friday Funday will be a few days late.

    P: But, today is Friday.

    T: Yes, but I’m busy today, so I’ll do it in a few days.

    P: But, it’s Friday Funday.

    T: Well, it will still be the same Friday Funday, just on a different day.

    P: But, Friday is today.

    T: Phoenix, get off the Internet!

  2. Very funny, but I wouldn’t have capitalized “internet”.

  3. Uncapitalized “internet” refers to any connection of networks. Capitalized “Internet” refers to this particular globe-spanning connection. If it’s preceded by the word “the”, capitalized is (almost) always correct. The more you know. ^_^

    re: Crossing: 17014950

    re: Furries: …..What were you searching for when you found this?

  4. This is why I no longer capitalize internet.

    The furries video was on BoingBoing. It made me laugh, so I thought it would make a good Friday Funday link.

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