Friday Funday CLXXIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer []

Jason Ross, one of the 14 writers for The Daily Show, breaks down the WGA strike in the style of The Daily Show. Do you get the feeling that the writers don’t like not writing?

Fast Foods: Ads vs Reality []

We all know that the food we see in fast food ads has been carefully crafted to look perfect, but it’s still interesting to see this side-by-side comparison of the ads versus reality.

And now three videos, which are increasingly unsafe for viewing at work.

Party boy…oh god. []

I’m not sure how I found this video, but I thought it was an interesting example of what underage girls get up to when left alone together. I’m not sure whether to laugh at their stupidity or lament the downfall of society.

Happy Birthday Dildo []

This poor girl, can’t she get off in private? Apparently not. Via The Book Bitches.

Mano-A-Mano []

Two men. One job. What will it take to get hired?

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  1. NO! You have ruined by delusions. How can I imagine what I’m eating is what I saw on the comercial a half an hour before I decided I was hungry and the only thing that would satisfy me was BigMac or Whopper? How will I ever be able to fool myself again? Why God? Why? (digresses form here into undistinguishable sobs and moans).

    Absolutely love not the daily show.

  2. Phoenix

    Your website has again forgotten who I am. 🙁 “Remember Your Info?” Lies!

    Re: Happy Birthday Dildo

    Is that from “Not Another Teen Movie”? I know I’ve seen it somewhere before.

  3. The comment form forgets who I am all the time. It’s really quite annoying. I’m going to have to look into why it does that.

    Happy Birthday Dildo is a scene from Not Another Teen Movie. I didn’t know that when I posted it this morning (as I haven’t seen Not Another Teen Movie).

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