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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

The Booze Test []

How well do you know your drinks? Apparantly I know them pretty well, because I scored 92% and earned the title of Drunkard.

How Walt Disney Cartoons are made []

This video shows how Disney cartoons are made. In 1930. I love stuff like this. Why don’t people talk like this anymore?

V Water []

Intended as a viral, this video features a fun and very creative animation that proves there’s something in the water.

And here are a couple of videos from LG:

Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style []

Overall it’s pretty enjoyable, especially if you like the song. The lack of diversity in video clips does cause it to get a little repetative, though.

Best Wedding Dance… Ever? []

I wish I would have seen this before I got married! Even Morah thought this would have been pretty sweet.

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  1. LG

    I feel so proud to have contributed in some small way to Friday Funday … *sniff sniff*

    I’m taking my test right now to see if I can score as high as you did on the booze test …

  2. LG

    Ok, I got 97%. I swear, some of my answers were guesses.

  3. 88%. Not too bad.

    I loved how the first clue for White Russian was a picture of The Dude!

  4. Oh, man. I did bad. 64% social drinker. I thought I would’ve nailed this one! =)

  5. That’s what she said!

    Sorry Mara. Couldn’t help myself!

  6. 83% – still lush but almost drunkard. but finn dragged down my score by standing next to me and giving clueless clues 😉

  7. Phoenix

    94% ….somehow. But, I’m really not a lush!

    I mean, not anymore.

  8. Would anyone be suprised if I said I got 97%? Although I am not that heavy of a drinker, I am fascinated with what’s in drinks and hard liquer. I only wish I liked booze a little more than I do. I’ve always wanted to be a rich alchoholic house wife, but I just can’t bring myself to drink that much that often.

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