Friday Funday CVIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

We Are The Web []

I thought I had posted this a while back, but I can’t find it on my site, so I guess I didn’t. Cheers to my dad for sending me this. I don’t know what’s sadder, that they got all of these people to be in the video, or that I know who they all are.

Bike Messengers Are on Crack []

Seriously. Crack.

Interactive Buddy []

This is a moderately-fun game that, if nothing else, will kill some time. “Mother always said there was nothing like a little wanton violence in the wee hours.” Bonus points if you know the reference.

Athiest []

Last week there was a game called Athiest. This week, it’s a video.

Goggles []

The GoogleMaps flight sim. Why? Because you can.

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  1. Tom Dineen

    1. We are the Web, yes, I can claim to only recognize the one character from the web, and thats just becaus of those damned Quizno Commercials, and I agree with Net Neutality, but I recognize the immense cost generated by the continual need to ever expand, improve and replace the infrastructure to meet the needs of the people. The internet was created to be used in a Military application, then business, and then the masses leached on and overtook it really.

    2. Bike Messengers, FUCKING AWESOME!!! that should be the music video for Broken Social Scsenes Song “Badwitch” cause, well it’s cool! I need not give any other reason damnit!

    3. Interactive Buddy, Kill the goth over and over and watch him bitch and moan, Yeah! Violence, Gernades! Fits to pick him up and shake him like a little baby!!!!

    4. Athiest, wow, I feel like a real idiot next to all those people, and damn it if all dorms don’t look like the caves of streeter and morrison inside?

    5. Googles, … blah, kinda cool, but an interesting application of the Google API non the less.

    There, I’m sent, night night.

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