Friday Funday CXVI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

You didn’t think that just because I’m in Hawaii, I wouldn’t publish a Friday Funday, did you? I’m getting married tomorrow, so it’s extra big and take a guess at what this weeks theme is.

An Honest Wedding Ceremony []

Thankfully, this is not how Morah or I feel.

Cheating Bride Bitch []

An old, old video that I saw on TV years ago. Cheating on your spouse is bad enough, but this… Well, watch the video.

Wedding Dress Panty Flasher []

I was originally trying to find a wedding-themed Flash game, but when the results sucked, I did a Google image search for wedding flasher. The results were much more interesting. This is very much not safe for work.

Celebrity Wedding Cakes []

These celebrity wedding cakes are both big and expensive.

Custom Wedding Sign Generator []

Do I really need to describe this?

My Style Wedding []

Because you never know when you’ll need to plan out your entire wedding in 3D.

Princess Cruises Bridge Cams []

When the page loads, just click on one to popup a new window, then select the various webcams from the dropdown menu. I’ve found that most of the time, there’s nothing happening on any of the wedding cams, but at least you can decide which one looks the nicest, then get married on that ship.

The One Ring []

W. T. F.

And The Bride Wore… []

Holy hell. It’s amazing what some people think is good taste, but really isn’t.

Wedding Ring []

Hey, at least he didn’t lose the ring!

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  1. Congratulations you two!!!

  2. Best wishes!!! Congratulations! Cheers! I am so happy for you both!!! Wish I was there to help celebrate this special day! Muah!

  3. Ben


    Congratulations man! I guess this means you and I will no longer be able to enjoy Spokane’s strip clubs and crack whores together.

    Best of luck getting your speaking part correct. No pressure!

    See you when you get back.


    The Commersh

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