Friday Funday II

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Last Friday I brought you some fun and interesting links from that week’s travels around the internet. I liked it (hopefully you did as well), so I’m going to do it again. Who knows, I may just make a habit out of this.

Kikkoman []

To more fully enjoy this one, here are some things you need to know. Kikkoman is a popular brand of soy sauce (it’s certainly the best brand I’ve ever tried). In Japan, soy sauce is called ‘shoyu’ (pronounced “show you”). In Japan, they have what’s called a bento (I wish they had these here. I used to have them in Hawaii all the time). It’s a (usually) square, shallow, plastic container filled with a bed of white rice and topped with various types of meat. Chicken, fish, whatever. Among the stuff that comes in the bento is a little package of shoyu (typically found next to the piece of fake grass) in some humorous shape. I’ve seen them shaped as little people, but usually they look like fish. That’s why Kikkoman has a plastic fish on his head that spurts shoyu.

Bush by the Numbers []

An impressively long list of numbers relating to President Bush’s “four years of double standards”. It’s amazing how much you don’t know you don’t know. Presented a la Harper’s Index.

Catch a Falling Space Capsule []

I know, I know, the thing already plowed into the Utah desert (you should watch the video), but this is a humorous read in hindsight.

Kaiju Big Battel []

There are monsters. They fight. Tiny cities get smashed in the process. Just don’t sit in the first few rows or you might end up covered in toxic slime.

CliffsNotes []

I never used them (I prefer to actually =read= the books in question), but should you ever need them, you can find quite a few online for free. Downloading and printing will cost you, though.

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