Friday Funday III

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Friday Funday is a way for me to bring you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week. []

Remember those crazy Quiznos spots with the singing vermin? You know the ones, “WE LOVE THE SUBS! CUZ THEY ARE GOOD TO US!” Yeah, well, this is the website of Joel Veitch, the guy who created them. Click on “We Like The Moon”. It’s just as wacky as the commercials were and probably deserves a not-work-safe rating, but what the hell.

100 Photographs that Changed the World []

Well, 28 photographs, actually. This is a preview LIFE’s 100 Photographs that Changed the World. Some of these I’ve seen a million times, some I had never seen before. Each of the photos has a caption that taught me something I hadn’t known about the image.

US Missile Kills Journalist []

I know, not such a fun link for your Friday Funday, but a sobering reminder that the war is still going on and it still sucks.

Slide Rule Still Rules []

“Decades have passed since the pocket calculator relegated the trusty slide rule to near obscurity. Now, an exhibit celebrates the lengthy history of the device, featuring the slide rules of celebrity geeks.”

Measures of Personal Security in Case of the Seizing of an Airplane by Terrorists []

You know the safety information cards they have in the pouch in front of you on airplanes? Now Tajik Air has a special section on how to react to a terrorist hijacking. There are English translations on the card, but they aren’t that good. “In call you hear clashes in the airplane’s saloon when the task force uses the light grenades or tear-gas, close your eyes and do not stir them blind is as you can.” Huh?

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  1. wall

    haha you have a family guy poster at work. family guy rules! 28 photos that changed the word was a good link

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