Friday Funday IV

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Friday Funday is a way for me to bring you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Pup shoots man, saves litter mates []

Proof that stupid people sometimes get what they deserve.

Smoking Kills []

The next time someone says that they could kill for a cigarette, they may actually mean it.

“Wacko-Jacko” Halloween Mask []

This is quite probably the single most disturbing Halloween mask I’ve ever seen.

Petals Around The Rose []

A brain teaser of sorts. I don’t see what the big deal is, I figured it out on my first roll…

Potter Puppet Pals []

The =new= adventures of Harry Potter. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And while you’re afraid, be sure to check out Sexy Snape. I suggest watching it with your browser set to fullscreen mode.

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  1. So, I figured out the Petals Around The Rose thing, but what the hell does the name have to do with the solution? They mention the name repeatedly, and say “Oh, it’s a big clue!”

    Frankly, knowing the name, and the solution, I can’t see the correlation.

  2. Were you aware that Potter Puppet Pals was made by my brother Neil, and inspired by artwork made by my sister Emmy?

  3. I was aware of that, which is how I found your site. -)

  4. Well, ok then! My siblings are so talented, I like to kick them sometimes. 😉

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