Friday Funday LIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Sell the Ranch []

A plea to Mr. Bush to do the right thing in this time of crisis.

Click the Colour, Not the Word []

Harder than it seems.

Newspaper Glee []

This guy places fake ads and articles in the Friday Ad and Kent & Sussex Courier, then reveals all on his blog. There are some great pranks in here; I’m going to have to start doing this.

And two odd links from Phoenix’s blog (with apologies to everyone who reads both our blogs and has already seen these):

Superbad []

A pointless site that you could spend forever trying to figure out. At one point, I ended up finding the trunk, which I think has a link to each of the “puzzles”.

Dog Judo []

It has dogs, but it lacks judo. Actually, these aren’t that funny. I guess that’s what you get when you leave it up to a cell phone company.

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  1. RE: Click the color:

    It’s even HARDER if you’re colorblind. 🙁

    RE: Superbad:

    Did you mean this trunk?

  2. I did! Thanks.

    Must not have copied properly. Normally I test all the links to make sure they work. I guess I dropped the ball there.

  3. I played pick the colour again, and got to 60 (level 5), and missed the first one. It said ‘red’ and it was orange (I think) and I clicked orange. Wrong. I wish it said what the right answer was supposed to be, because it sure looked orange to me.

    The ones that make me hesistate are like when it says blue, and it IS blue. I’m like “it’s blue!” and my brain goes “no, it SAYS it’s blue. Don’t click blue” and my eyes go “No, dude, it really is blue. Click blue.” And my brain says “Don’t do it.”

    Stupid brain.

  4. Yeah, the same thing happens to me. I always keep losing because I accidentally click on a colour that is neither the colour or the word. For example, if the word is yellow and the colour is green, I’ll accidentally click on red because it’s close to green.

    I think I just get really excited.

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