Friday Funday VI

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Friday Funday is a way for me to bring you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

SpamShirt []

How much annoying spam do you get in your inbox? I get tons (speaking of which, you know what I really hate? When you delete a whole bunch of spam, and then the inbox refreshes only to reveal that more spam has been delivered while the other ones were being deleted). Well, now those useless ads for penis enlargement and mortgage refinancing can be usefully displayed on the front of a t-shirt! The only snag is that it’ll cost you. I love the idea, but a £25 T-shirt?

The Official God FAQ []

Need I say more?

The Hitchhiker Adventure Game []

Did you ever wish you could have an adventure of your own as an intergalactic hitchhiker? With the BBC’s Flash version of the classic text-based game, you can! You just might want to read the books again before you play (I died in 19 turns). Whatever happens, don’t panic.

Rock and Roll Satan []

Antagonists of Rock and Roll have been claiming for years that the music contains secret messages, which are designed to promote devil worship. Normal people have been writing off their claims for the same amount of time, because we’re not fucking morons. Perhaps this Flash file will make you think differently. Its author, “did not create this to show the evils of Rock and Roll,” rather to illustrate that, “reverse files sound cool.” Totally. It really is worth your while to listen to them all (there are only nine and Stairway to Heaven is the longest).

The Google Aptitude Test []

Google is hiring and they have an aptitude test that you can print out, fill in and send to them. The test questions are hilarious, but I can’t help but feel that they’re probably absolutely serious.

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