Friday Funday VIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

With the presidential election less than two weeks away, I have decided to post some links that might help you make your decision when you go to the polls.

White House Election Year Album []

As if not finding the WMDs was bad enough, here’s a video of Bush actually =making fun of the situation=. Didn’t people die as a result of his lies? Oh, yes, they did. Also links to some good statistics about the war.

New 9/11 Report Names Names []

So when will you get to read it? Not until after the election, if Bush has his way.

Tribal Sovereignty []

Further proof that Bush is =NOT= fit to lead this country.

Bush: Then and Now []

A video study of the decline in President Bush’s speaking abilities over the past ten years.

And because it’s supposed to be Friday Funday:

Is Bush Wired? Yes. []

You ‘ve probably heard the controversy surrounding “Bush’s Bulge” as seen in the second debate. There is an entire website devoted to trying to figure out what the bulge was. I even made mention of it a while back. In the continuing quest for answers comes this potential explanation. This is political and social satire at its best, I say.

Bush Killed Superman []

Really not as funny a website as the title suggests, Bush Killed Superman discusses Bush’s decision to limit stem cell research and its subsequent impact on Christopher Reeve. Click here if you need a good laugh afterward. Still not funny? Try this one.

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