Friday Funday: What’s Your Opinion?

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As some of you may have noticed, for the past several weeks, I’ve been posting a lot of my Friday Fundays late (the dates don’t reflect that because I “back post” them). Ideally, I would post them first thing Friday morning, giving readers all day to enjoy the links. Lately, if I manage to post on Friday at all, it’s in the evening. This means that most readers won’t see it until Saturday at the earliest.

To date, I have posted 235 Friday Fundays, a tradition I started in 2004 in an effort to bolster my readership. Although do have somewhat stronger numbers now, the difference isn’t as wide as I had hoped. On top of that, I seem to be finding more and more fun stuff that I don’t post because someone else found it, or post later than everyone else, meaning most people have already seen it.

I have new idea that I’m contemplating, and I want to get the opinion of my readers to see what you guys think of it.

I share a lot of neat stuff in my Google Reader, and probably a third to half of the stuff I post now comes either directly or indirectly from stories I come across in my Google Reader. One of the great things about Google Reader is that my shared stories are available as an RSS feed.

The idea is to add a box to my site (probably at the top right, displacing the “be my boss” box) that would include these funny and interesting stories. There would also be a page that listed all of the shared articles. Doing this would allow me to share website as I find them instead of saving them all up for Friday. It would also serve the stories I share in my Google Reader to a wider audience. If I implement this feature, I will still be able to add comments to the links, and I wouldn’t be restricted to just the ones in my Google Reader.

If I were to put this plan into action, I would stop doing the weekly Friday Funday posts. The Friday Funday archives would stay where they are, allowing you to go back and find links you enjoyed.

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. But… then what would I look forward to on Fridays?

  2. Friday Funday CCXXXVI

    Family Feud Fail

    Wheel of Fortune Fail

    The Price is Right Fail

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire Fail

    Jeopardy Fail

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