Friday Funday XIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

I know, I know, I didn’t post it on Friday. I’ll leave it up for a few days so you can all enjoy it. But hey, I did finish my novel, so I can get back to posting things regularly.

Child Supermodels []

Can you honestly look at this site and not think porn? I mean seriously! One of the banners had an image of a sixteen year old in a thong. What the hell is she modeling for? I also like how one bit of text on the site says, “Start that Internet modeling career today!” Of course, we all know that “internet model” is the secret code phrase for “porn star”. I classed this one as not work safe, which it probably is, but better safe than fired, right?

The Global Air Archive []

I’m not really sure what the story is here, but I found it through a Google search (I think I was looking for a picture of a Turkey, or something). It had some interesting stuff, so I thought I’d throw it up here.

Turn Your Back on Bush []

I only wish I could make it to the inauguration.

12many []

This game is nuts. I scored 55 on my first go, but I didn’t bother to find out how to play the game before I started (I can be that way sometimes).

DIY Dodecahedron Calendar []

Exactly what it sounds like. As they say on BoingBoing, “Dodeca-bitchin‘!”

And as a gift to apologise for posting this late:

McRorie-One Man Live! []

Words cannot describe this.

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  1. RE: Child Supermodels:


    RE: 12MANY:

    I scored 214 my first time, but it was weak, because the VERY first round, the screen flashed black, and then it came up “How many stars?” and I was thinking “How many stars WHEN?” and it says “Sorry, the correct answer was 0” or something like that, and I thought “WTF?”


    But I was happy to get past 200, and then I saw the high-score list at 10th place was 354! No way could I play that game for long enough to be that good. I only played once and I’m already burned out. After 200 I just guessed randomly.

    Well…maybe just one more round…

  2. 214, huh? Have you finished your novel yet?

  3. NO! :'(

    Did you?

    I thought about posting what I _DID_ finish, but it’s crap. I was re-reading it, and I thought “If you weren’t YOU, would you _care_ what happened at church camp when you were 12?”

    I barely care NOW.

    Did you finish? Are you going to post it?

  4. I did, but I had to be crafty about it. After the first week, I started over and it was clear on Sunday that I was going to be about four thousand words short, so I added the stuff that I had written that had nothing to do with my final story. I figure that’s fair being as I actually did write 50,000 words this past month; whether it was all for one story seemed to be rather minor detail.

    I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to post it because, as you pointed out, our stories are crap. Because I didn’t have a plot, per se, the story mostly consists of my main character walking around doing nothing in particular until about halfway through the novel (when I sorted out an interesting idea). Also, there are tons of superfluous words and entire paragraphs that really don’t matter, but are designed to get out every idea in my head and, quite frankly, to eat up the word count.

    In all, I think it was a valuable exercise and I look forward to doing it again next year.

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