Friday Funday XIX

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Cryptozoology and Philately []

Would you expect there to be a market for cryptozoological stamps? Neither would I, but as this site shows us, cryptozoology and philately (stamp collecting) go hand in hand.

Hugh Panero Gets a Headache []

And Jason Calacanis is the guy that gave it to him. Be sure to check out the video of Hugh Panero, CEO of XM, answering questions about losing Howard Stern to Sirius and whether or not gay people are, “biological errors”. ZING!

iMac Fingernails []

A Japanese salon offers acrylic fake fingernails that emulate the look of old iMacs. I think, anyway, I can’t actually read the page.

The Top 20 Nude Scenes From 2004 []

Believe it or not, this site contains nudity, which is why I gave it a NSFW rating.

Jenny, Are You There? []

This guy, Dan, has no life. And free long distance and weekend minutes. So guess what he did? Remember that song by Tommy Tutone? I’m sure you can guess where this is leading…

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