Friday Funday XL

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

It’s Friday Funday XL! That means I’ve put together an extra-large list-o-links for you. Enjoy!

Pint Lock []

Are your flatmates eating your Ben & Jerry’s while you’re at work? Curtail their thievery with the new Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock!

The Scrolling Belt Buckle []

Only $30? It’s about time some of the useless crap I see for sale on the internet and want for no good reason is available at a price I can afford.

Billy Harvey []

Not so much for the music, more for the amazing Flash website. When it loads, select a song to play, then click on albums. Try clicking in some of the negative space. Try clicking all over the place. Damn sweet. Think that’s cool? Be sure to check out the website for the company that built Harvey’s.

Nightmare City []

Speaking of cool Flash interfaces, this one kind of tripped me out. Ninja kitties aside, after the movie loads and you’ve pressed start, click on the Flash movie while it’s playing (to set the focus), then hold down the spacebar. Cool, huh? Now click on the word Chapter. You can cycle through the menu like that. I’m sure it’s pretty simple to program, but I thought it was damn cool.

Coats []

This made me laugh out loud.

Made You Think []

Hey, did anyone else notice Bush dissemble the English language the other day? Or is the word I’m looking for disassemble?

Dangerous Hacker! []

If you know a thing or two about computers and IP addresses, this is a pretty funny story.

Scary Professor []

Professor Jasper Rine attempts to retrieve his stolen laptop via one hell of a scary rant. Don’t feel too bad for the kid who stole, though; turns out the whole rant is a lie.

How Big Is Jesus? []

I knew there was something fishy about this whole transubstantiation thing.

Smart Stick 2 1/2 []

It’s really a pretty crap game, but I couldn’t stop playing until I had finished it.

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  1. Nightmare City: I had to have the lyrics on to find out the song was in English. Weak. Not that the lyrics tell me what’s going on anyway…

    I love the nichan flashes though. Not the most beautiful flashes ever (anymore), but better than just about anything else out there. Usually. 🙂

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