Friday Funday XLI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

The Death Clock []

Want to know how much longer your ticker will tock? Fill out this simple form and find out how long you have to live. For some real fun, read the flames in the dead letter office. Man are people annoying.

typoGenerator []

Enter a string of text and this online utility will build an image based on that text. Somewhat useless insofar as “the images used for generating may be subject to copyright.” Thanks for that foresight, guys. Plus, it can tend to take a while to build your image. Still, it’s kind of fun to play with and see what comes out.

The Scribbler []

An overall useless web app, the scribbler… Well… It scribbles. There really isn’t a better way to describe it beyond that.

Hate That Frog []

Have you heard that really annoying “crazy frog” ringtone? There’s even a music video for it. Anyway, everyone hates it and now you can kill the crazy frog. So far, my best distance is between 75 and 76.

PostSecret []

This has been around for a while and I meant to check it out sooner. IT’S SO COOL! I’ll have to think of a great secret and send it in. How come I’m never the one who thinks of something clever like this?

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  1. Keke

    Tommy if you have not yet seen this, then check it out.

    I dont know if you like Star Wars or not, but I do and this stuff is so cool.


  2. Hate That Frog: I’d never heard of it until this post. I got almost to 86 twice (out of maybe 20 tries). I thought the secret was to hit it just under the point where he crashes instead of bounces, but I’m starting to think it’s significantly random.

    PostSecret: Yes, another brilliant-in-hindsight idea. You could have a bunch of people mailing you postcards that you then compile into coffee-table books and sell for millions of dollars. Why didn’t I think of that?

    Darthside: That’s a pretty good blog, but it makes the final movie a disappointment by comparison.

    And when are you going to turn line-breaks back on? Or allow html so we can add them ourselves?

  3. Oh, crap, I thought I had done that.

    Bugger me.

    UPDATE: Done.

  4. Ah…much better.

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